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6 Times When Wonder Girls’ Comeback Teasers Were Really Epic

Quiz: What Kind of Korean Pop Culture Fan Are You? eenupfi | July 23, 2014 We love Korean pop culture, and we have no doubt that you do too. However, there are many ways… Article source: http://www.hellokpop.com/2014/07/27/6-times-when-wonder-girls-comeback-teasers-were-really-epic/

Wonder Girls Lim Reveals A Cute And Innocent Self-Photo

Girl group Wonder Girls member Lim revealed a recent photo of herself online. Like Us on Facebook On July 24, she posted on her instagram, “Small apple,” along with a photo. In the photo, she is wearing a shirt with an apple on it and is posing for the camera. Her natural appearance gained much […]

Wonder Girls Sunmi Shares A Photoshoot-Like Photo In Black And White

Sunmi shared a photo of herself making a gazing face. On July 22, Sunmi posted a photo on her instagram. Like Us on Facebook In the picture, Sunmi is in black and white and is wearing a black hat. She has bright hair and is crouching but looking at the camera to the side. Her […]

Wonder Girls’ Yenny (HA:TFELT) writes a letter to Wonderful and shares more …

Yenny is so nice writing this letter i cant wait for the Album !!!! Fighting Ha:tfelt !!! ^^ Article source: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2014/07/wonder-girls-yenny-hatfelt-writes-a-letter-to-wonderful-and-shares-more-details-on-her-solo-debut

HyunA talks about her sexy concept, support from Wonder Girls’ Yenny, and …

HyunA (22) met up with reporters at the Cube Cafe in Cheongdamdong, Seoul and opened up about her solo comeback with “Red” one year and nine months since her ‘Melting‘ album. SEE ALSO: [Album and MV Review] SISTAR – ‘Touch N Move’ Q: What do you want to get across through this album? A: I want […]

Wonder Girls譽恩發個人專輯藝名「HA:TFELT」

Wonder Girls成員譽恩將以「HA:TFELT」之名以個人身份回歸歌壇。 「HA:TFELT」取自譽恩的筆名「Heartfelt」,加上表示熱情的「Hot」,希望帶給歌迷充滿真心的音樂。 譽恩今日(7月23日)淩晨通過JYP娛樂官方臉書(facebook)、推特(twitter)、YouTube等公開了2張宣傳照和宣傳片。 宣傳片中出現的「WHO’S WITH ME」是即將於7月31日發行的首張迷你專輯《Me?》的原題,提問誰願意和真實的「我」同行。 而宣傳照中,譽恩身處掛滿鏡子的房間,毫不掩飾地展露自我。 真實描繪譽恩生活悲歡喜樂的《Me》將於7月31日全線公開,而同日她還將亮相有線電視Mnet音樂節目《M Countdown》宣佈正式回歸。姜效真/文 版權所有 韓星網 禁止轉載 韓星網 KoreaStarDaily.com / 最新韓星、Kpop、韓劇消息 / 非授權者,請勿轉載 相關新聞 歌謠界巨星寶座長期真空 只湧現相似女團瓜分百家爭鳴 Wonder Girls譽恩、瑜斌合照公開 昭熙著白裙出席簽名會 清新演繹早春Look JYP Entertainment確認先藝非離隊 Article source: http://www.koreastardaily.com/tc/video/44936

视频:Wonder Girls成员誉恩发个人专辑

分享视频地址: 本页面地址: 复制 播放器swf地址: 复制 html地址: 复制 Article source: http://video.sina.com.cn/p/ent/y/2014-07-23/145664077229.html

Yenny (Wonder Girls) "lột sạch" trong MV solo đầu tay

Cách đây vài tiếng đồng hồ, JYP Entertainment vừa tung ra đoạn clip teaser cho MV solo của Yenny (Wonder Girls), hay còn gọi là HA:TFELT – nghệ danh của cô nàng trong vai trò nhà sản xuất. Đoạn clip “nhá hàng” khiến các fan khá sốc khi Yenny đã “lột sạch” áo quần để […]

Girl’s Day Covers 2NE1, Girls’ Generation, Kara, And Wonder Girls [VIDEO]

To promote their recent comeback, Girl’s Day is covering some K-pop’s best and brightest girl group hits on SBS. On July 23, SBS MTV aired Girl’s Day’s first solo concert as a special for the program, “The Show.” “Girl’s Day’s first solo concert held at AX Korea on the 13th will be aired exclusively as […]

元Wonder Girls ソヒ、ラブリーな少女が大人の女性に…モデルオーラ漂うシックな …

写真=OhBoy!Wonder Girlsの元メンバーソヒがグラビアを通じてモデルオーラを放った。 スポーツブランドのReebok(リーボック)は最近、ソヒと共にしたマガジン「OhBoy!」のグラビアを公開した。グラビアでソヒは一味違う自身の魅力を発散し、視線を引きつけている。 関係者によると、ソヒは今月5日に清潭洞(チョンダムドン)のスタジオで行われた今回の撮影で、最小限のメイクとヘアスタイリングで女性らしくも自然な魅力を発散し、ファショニスタとしての一面を見せつけたという。 また、撮影中もトレードマークである凛々しくクールな眼差し、トップモデル顔負けの大胆なポーズで80年代のアメリカンスクールルック、スポーティルック、ロックシックルックまで完璧に着こなし、グラビアを完成させた。 一緒に撮影を行ったスタッフは「従来のラブリーでキュートなソヒのイメージから抜け出し、成熟した美しい女性としての一面が見られた」とグラビアに対する期待を高めた。 今回のグラビアはマガジン「OhBoy!」8月号で見ることができる。グラビアでソヒが着用したスニーカーは8月から韓国のReebokの店舗で販売される。 Article source: http://news.kstyle.com/article.ksn?articleNo=1999309